Coach Led Classes 

I am a firm believer that coaching is the absolute key to success in training. All of my classes are semi-personal coaching. I will demonstrate and explain all exercises in depth during a class and spend ample time with you one to one during a class to ensure you are practicing good form on different exercises.


The importance of this is second to none when it comes to injury prevention and enabling progression. Something as ‘simple’ as a pushup or a squat can take weeks or months to master, but I will be there to provide alternates, regressive or progressive to allow you move forward successfully in your training and core movement patterns.


Progressive Overload – The Key to a successful training programme – 

Progressive overload is a key training principle I use in all strength and HIIT classes to ensure regular attendees are achieving optimal results.The principle of progressive overload allows for us to work out at a certain intensity, recover and adapt to that load then increase the load on the body the following week through a mix of weight, sets, reps, time under tension, reduced rest or training frequency. All of the classes are in 4-5 Week increasing intensity blocks with the last week including a deload of intensity before starting the new block. Let me take the thinking out of your training.

Alpha Pack

3 Classes Per Week

Any Class / Any Day (Except Boxing)

Nutrition Guide

€60 Monthly (12 Month Commitment)

12 Weeks €190